2013 National Girls of Golf Winner-Beth Eubanks!

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ThumbnailI Didn’t Believe It At First!

“Honestly, I was not expecting it. There were so many beautiful and talented girls there. I was in shock. I just looked around when they called my name thinking they called the wrong name” so says the beautiful and humble Beth Eubanks our 2013 National Links & Laces Girls of Golf Winner.

A Girl of Golf veteran, Beth worked her first tournament in 2011 in Tunica, MS.  She got involved because her best friend, Elizabeth Sullivan, owns a modeling agency in Memphis and is one of the local reps and Girl of Golf recruiters for that event.  She didn’t win her first year but elected to come out to the Finals anyway.  “I had so much fun it was a simple decision to do it again in 2012,” says Beth.  Good thing too because she ended being selected as one of the four winners in Tunica and then ultimately as our 2013 National Girl of Golf winner.  “I was not totally not expecting it”, she says.

Born and raised in Memphis, TN, Beth went to Briarcrest Christian High School – which may ring a bell for football fans, as this is where Michael Oher went to high school.  After graduating from high school, Beth attended University of Memphis for a semester before realizing that college was not for her.  “I was more into the social aspect of school than the studying,” she says.  So she moved to downtown Memphis where she is basically a housewife without the husband and kids.  She practices her parenting skills on her Saint Bernard, Reggie Bush (who she got when while Bush still played for the Saints).  “He goes absolutely everywhere with me. He is popular on the bar and restaurant patios downtown, that people recognize and say hello to my dog before me. I think it’s so funny and he loves he attention”, says Beth.

Clearly Reggie has inherited Beth’s love of entertaining and warm open heart — considering how warm and welcoming she was to the golfers, it’s no wonder that she commented that she loves to have people over for dinner and cocktails, stating  “my house is always open for anyone who needs a glass of wine.

Beth’s innate southern hospitality and charm will come in handy over the next few months as she tours the country as part of the Golf Tour stop.  Reflecting on it a few days after winning, she is still surprised but is absolutely looking forward to the year ahead.  “Last year’s winner, Amber Hecht, left me with some big shoes to fill,” she says,  “I know this year will be the best year yet. I cannot wait for all of the experiences and opportunities that will come my way. It really is a dream come true for me.”

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