2014 Finals: Calling All SuperHeroes!!!!

Golf Tour June 2, 2014 Comments Off on 2014 Finals: Calling All SuperHeroes!!!!

Each year our Facebook followers get to select the theme party for the Finals.  This year’s winning them was SUPERHEROES! The 2014 Links & Laces Golf Tour put the challenge to their attendees to come up with creative costumes for our SuperHeroes theme and the partygoers did not disappoint!  Where ever there is a SuperHero, there has to be a villain, and some of the attendees were devilish with their outfits.  Kudos to many of the NFL players for going all out on their costumes.

2014 Finals SuperHeroes Post Image
Detroit Lions punter Sam Martin (Robin) and Boston Regional Winner Candace S. (Poison Ivy) catch SuperHero Golden Tate a bit by surprise!

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