A Triple Threat

Golf Tour April 9, 2013 Comments Off on A Triple Threat

cornerthumbnailWith the Links and Laces Finals in Vegas just 7 days away, I have found myself waiting in anticipation and in desperate need of something to take my mind off it. I needed something to help pass the time. 

And then the perfect opportunity presented itself at Lanes & Bowling when I found myself going head to head against the one the only Terrell Owens!  Yes that’s right me against T.O.  I bet right now you are asking yourself this girl does everything, logs, Gulfs & Bowls what a triple threat… 

Nothing like a good ole fashion bet to get my nerves calms & take my mind off Vegas for a bit.   I figure if I can take on T.O. with the cameras rolling, I can surely take on Vegas.  As you may have guess T.O. was a worthy competitor – check out the video below to see how it all plays out – but the afternoon did give me the needed break from thinking about Vegas.

Back to thinking about Vegas – did I really stop?  As I am battling T.O. on the lanes I let him know we have a bunch of other NFL players coming & he should come as well, if he can golf as good as he can bowl & catch a football we are all in trouble.  Now that my shopping is finally finished & only needing a last few touches for my Sirens costume, I wonder what the Golfers are doing to prepare… Are they at the driving range, getting in a few practice rounds in, finding their sailors outfit for the party or picking out new pajamas?

Come on guys I would love to hear what you are thinking so tweet me @EricaDu4. I will also be tweeting live from the finals so even if you aren’t going be sure to follow me and #llgolftour to get all the scoop.

I am looking forward to seeing all The Links And Laces Beauties along with meeting the celebrity models who will be hosting – rumor has it that Brande Roderick from Celebrity Apprentice will be there. 

Who is ready for a weekend to remember?

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