Alice in Wonderland

Golf Tour December 5, 2012 Comments Off on Alice in Wonderland

The time has finally come… the last golf tour stop for our 2012 calendar year! Try and fight back those tears folks, it was emotional event for me as well! However, it was easy to be distracted from my sadness by the beauty and amazing party that Fantasy Springs Resort Casino had waiting for us!

This was my first time in the desert and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect; Fantasy Springs was exactly as their name reads… quite a fantasy! The casino is almost finished with their elaborate updates and was ready to throw us an out of this world party to wrap up our tour season. The first night was an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed event complete with a giant Cheshire cat, teacups, and a mad hatter- Being a HUGE Alice fan I was totally smitten! Not only did we party the night away with the Queen of Hearts and over 40 gorgeous Girls of Golf, but we also managed to take in a Golden Boy boxing event the casino was hosting; I was on excitement overload! It was honestly hard to fall asleep that night knowing we had an awesome full day of golf in the morning!

This tournament was a little different for me; with 6 playmates hosting our last shebang of the year I traded hats and helped coordinate the Girls of Golf! It was so much fun learning all the multiple ins and outs of the tour throughout the year and now I feel like a jack of all trades with it comes to events! I also got to hang out with the Girls of Golf a bit more and play some of their creative games on the green. This tour stop was filled with trivia, chipping games, dress up photo ops, back massages, and plenty of partying on the course!

To cap off the day and announce the winning foursomes and Girls of Golf the resort once again stepped up and threw an amazing party at Lit, there roof top bar. Filled with food, drinks, and dancing it was easily one of the top venues we have partied at this year!  To top an amazing few days of golf and partying, the girls and I joined some players at the tables and tried our hands at blackjack! Thanks to the advice of some seasoned pros (love our golfers) I ended up walking away with quite a nice payout!  Can’t wait for to take my skills to the new casino in my hometown, (big news for Cape Girardeau

Knowing that I’m home now for the rest of the calendar year has been kind of sad for me (remember… I’m in Missouri!), but the excitement from this last event will keep me fueled and pumped up until the Finals! Don’t forget that you can find me on twitter or via email if you have any questions about our 2013 Las Vegas Finals, it certainly will be one you wont want to miss! I also love getting pictures, catching up, and hearing your stories so don’t be a stranger! Can’t wait to hear from you all and until then thanks for following me on my amazing adventures!!!

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