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Hey wonderful worldwide web of girls and golfers! I am just over the moon excited to become a staple on the green by joining you all for the rest of the Links and Laces Golf Tour year! To kick off my journey as your 2012 National Girl of Golf winner I am going to be keeping you up to date with the Tour, GOG’s, and myself with my new blog: Amber Addresses It All! I look forward to you all getting to know me better as I love meeting and making friends with everyone who takes part in our amazing events. I already have formed so many relationships on just the few events I have been able to attend and can’t wait to continue to do so! It’s so crazy for me to look back on where I was a year ago to now. Just this time last year I had stumbled upon golf tour information and thought I would ‘give it a shot’… little did I know what would come to fruition!
I had applied to join the Indianapolis tournament when it was only a week away hoping I would get accepted, it was the only event that I could attend before I left to country to study abroad in Ireland. Luckily for me, the L&L Golf staff is on their game and had me signed up and ready for my impromptu trip to Indiana in no time! Since that epic trip where I qualified for the finals things haven’t slowed down! Even thought I was far off in Dublin I felt so much love an ocean away when I was featured on L&L’s website and Facebook page which made me all the more excited about the finals.

I should have been focused on my once in a lifetime Irish adventure (ok… so I did focus on Irish golf star Rory McIlroy quite a bit, that counts!), but instead I concentrated on my golf plans, always coming up with new ideas for activities for golfers and fun handouts! Always the conversationalist, I frequently made friends with golfers overseas and got their advice and options on my golf plans- they never really could get over the idea of gorgeous girls at each hole giving handouts and playing games! I’ve consistently been so passionate about the Tour because I know what a rare event it is and knew that it could further me in so many ways.

Once I was home in January I focused even more so on my finals trip. I looked forward to the themed parties, new friendships, and awesome opportunities that awaited me there. My goal for the trip was to collect a few business cards and share my thus far unforgettable experience with three of my girlfriends that I was able to invite. Needless to say, I got way more than what I could have ever dreamed or expected! Winning Links and Laces National GOG title is truly one of the highlights of my life and it means so much more to me than the initial awe of it all.

Being chosen as the National Girl of Golf makes me so proud because I know the caliber of women I represent. Girls of Golf aren’t just pretty faces- they’re smart, driven, successful, talented, and motivated girls who just also happen to know how to have fun! I feel unbelievably blessed that I get to be the ambassador for this elite group of women and encourage all of you to contact me with any question or concern you may have. Wither it be needing help with your course activity or what to pack for the finals, I’m here for you!!!

On my most recent adventure and second trip to my beloved Indianapolis I began bonding with other Girls of Golf. I helped with things from curling hair to lending out sharpies that were in low commodity! I know what it’s like to be scrambling around with all your event plans for the day while juggling getting ready for the awards dinner that night (you men have no idea everything we put into a days party!). Being able to be that extra shoulder for advice puts the biggest smile on my face!
Coming back to Indianapolis in my new role was a very surreal experience.

Riding around on the cart with Miss January ’12 Heather Knox and getting to stop at every single hole was such a trip! I loved seeing the creativity of the all GOG’s and how excited the golfers were at each new hole they played. Not to mention visiting with all Girl’s of Golf and staff that I had made friends with the previous year was easily a favorite point of the event. Something I love so much about the program is no matter the city I always feel at home and welcome by the golfers and girls- we’re lucky enough to have a uniquely amazing group all across the board!

So, I would be honored if you joined me here as I jump around from my small Missouri life to the wonderful world of Links and Laces Golf! Look forward to hearing from you all and seeing you out on the links!

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