You asked, Amber Answers

Golf Tour October 15, 2012 Comments Off on You asked, Amber Answers

There are two very common questions that I get since I have been traveling with the tour, those are: Have you posed yet? And, do you golf? Let me go ahead and answer both of those for you with not yet and working on it! Posing is something that I definitely am working hard towards and golfing is right there with it! As far as my golf game goes I’m still quite the beginner and I’m never one to brag but I’m pretty darn good when it comes to putting….

Now driving…  that’s a different subject. I’ve tried just about everything to make some sort of improvement- from being patient and focused when hitting the long ball, to totally going Happy Gilmore style, nothing has seemed to do the trick! However, a golfer from our Boston event shared some very wise words with me, “You drive for show and you putt for dough!”, so if you look at it that way I’m not totally a lost cause! But any words of advice are greatly welcomed and appreciated to help develop my game a bit!

Aside from my questionable driving skills, being out on the Links and Laces Tour has been an incredible experience! I’ve been lucky enough so far to travel to Des Moines (spoiler alert: it’s pretty similar to my native Missouri), Boston, and Chicago! Boston and Chi-Town have been a bit of a culture shock to me just based on accent (everyone’s is far different than mine which is awesome), food (nothings fried, y’all don’t know what you’re missing!), baseball (go Card’s whoo hoo!), and plain busyness alone. During my travels though I have managed to have a flight changed, miss a flight, lose a bag, and come home to a very dead car battery. Somehow I always end up getting myself into interesting situations! Stay tuned for my next blog where you can here what happens when I invade NYC with the Tour and spend a day site seeing on my own (sorta). So cross your fingers and say a little prayer for this Midwest girl, as I keep traveling around this big country!  I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on my status via twitter and my blog! Be sure to follow me and my adventures at @amberhecht and the golf tour at @linksandlaces !

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