A Quick Q&A with 2012 Girls of Golf National Winner Amber Hecht

DT May 31, 2012 Comments Off on A Quick Q&A with 2012 Girls of Golf National Winner Amber Hecht

From the moment we first meet Amber in Indianapolis we knew she was special and someone we were thrilled to welcome to our golf family.  A true midwestern beauty, Amber radiates a warmth and charm that instantly draws you to her.  Golfers were drawn to her spirit and beauty so it’s no wonder she was chosen as this year’s Girls of Golf winner.  We recently caught up with Amber to do a quick Q&A about her Finals experience.

  1. Who came to LA with you?
    I invited two of my sorority sisters, Molly and Chelsey, and one of my best friends from college, Britney, on my LA adventure!
  2.  How long did it take you to pack?
    I always pack last minute and this trip was no exception! Even the morning of I was moving things around hoping my bags weren’t overweight; I had packed 300+ koozies as my handouts and traveling with those wasn’t the most fun experience!
  3.  How did you decide what to wear on Saturday night?
    I really wanted my outfit for Saturday night to stay true to who I am and be unique and fun! Normally, I dress really retro and love anything vintage, so I made my own feather headpiece and went with a polka dot and ruffle corset. I felt like a character from Moulin Rouge and I loved it!
  4. What went through your head when they called your name?
    I heard Leola say Amber, then there was a slight pause before my last name was called and I was just holding my breath hoping she would say, “Hecht!” I remember walking to the front thinking the whole trip and this moment was a total dream! When they asked me to say something I totally blanked at first, and the only thing I could think was, “Well, I guess I’m not in Missouri anymore!” It was such a surreal moment!
  5. Besides winning – what was your favorite part of the weekend?
    It is so hard to have a favorite part of the trip, but I would say I absolutely loved being out on the golf course. When you’re on the green you have the opportunity to meet all the awesome golfers and each group always brings another element fun! The Girls of Golf go all out for this event, but the golfers certainly don’t disappoint; most of them were dressed to the 9’s and even had activities and handouts of their own! Being on the green was also a complete party in its own because you get paired with a sponsor who has something great to offer. Plus, celebrities and athletes were constantly roaming around; what’s not to love about that?!


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