Winning Was A Dream Come True!

DT May 31, 2012 Comments Off on Winning Was A Dream Come True!

Amber Hecht, 2012 National Girls of Golf Winner

“My entire experience with as a Girl of Golf thus far has easily been one of the most rewarding and unforgettable times of my life. Even though winning was an absolute dream come true, the event was about so much more than that. When I began my journey with the Golf Tour I didn’t know what to expect; being from a small town in Missouri where an event wasn’t held and going to the city of Indianapolis to participate was a nervous decision for me, but one that I’ll never regret! Whether I was at the local Indy event or at the Golf Finals I was constantly forming new relationships, socially and professionally- ones that have already begun to help further my career. This event wouldn’t be the phenomenal experience it is without the people who make it happen from start to finish; the staff, golfers, and girls are all groups that I genuinely can call my friends, and I cannot wait to be back on the tour spending time with them.

The Golf Tour is truly a one of a kind opportunity and the perfect blend of mixing business with pleasure! This event went above and beyond my expectations and is in a total class of its own. I would tell anyone not to think twice about signing up to participate, whether it is in your hometown or a state away, you have nothing to lose! As much as an honor is it to be chosen as the 2012 Girl of Golf winner, it was just as much so to be welcomed as a girl of golf on a local level, and to be surrounded by this amazing group; I cannot wait to see what my year has in store!”   

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