Time Square, Empire State & some Tasty Hot Dogs

Golf Tour October 23, 2012 Comments Off on Time Square, Empire State & some Tasty Hot Dogs

Wow! What an amazing, action packed 3 days I had in NYC! From my last post I’m sure a few of you might have been a bit worried about how I would fair in the big apple (ok, maybe more than a few of you!)… But, despite any concerns, I must say I did far better than I expected! I did have a few extra travel obstacles that I wasn’t predicting however; I kept hearing that getting around was a bit more difficult than usual.  Of course, it would be my luck that on my first night of sight seeing it rained for the first time in weeks and the President was town.  But as luck would have it, one of our favorite party starters, DJ Jove, was kind enough to show me around! In one evening I saw the Empire State building, Times Square, and experienced some great shopping and bars in the Village! We definitely would have traveled to his native Brooklyn if time would have permitted. That’s top on my list of to-do’s on my next New York go around- after all, I had two big days of Links & Laces following my night out in the city!

Between our VIP party and day on the green I can say that New Yorkers are some of the most genuinely fun, outgoing, and nice people that I have gotten to know on the tour thus far! Everyone was so helpful whether I was totally lost in the city or just having problems with fickle coffee maker. And hanging out on the green was no different. During this tour stop I got some serious pointers from the foursomes on my lackluster driving skills and can honestly say I made some big improvements (it also didn’t hurt that I had a bit of practice with our resident golf pro, Kyla, before hitting the links)! I’m thinking that a great set of clubs is on #1 on this girl’s Christmas list!

It was also awesome that I had time (amongst all my sightseeing and golf practice) to spend with the Girls of Golf from New York- I saw some very familiar faces too! Two of the GOG, Gina Marie and Jaclyn, were at the finals in March and catching up with them was great! I love seeing girls from previous years still coming to events as well as girls traveling to multiple cities in one tour year. One of my favorite sweetheart girls of golf, Betsey, was great enough to join us during our Mohegan Sun Tour, as well in New York! We really become a big golf family with so many stories, inside jokes, and way too many laughs!

I can for sure say that I will be coming back to New York very soon! Not only do I have all my old and new friends to visit but I still have plenty to experience! I am very excited though for our next stop in wonderful Washington D.C.! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for me there!

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