Arm the Animals!!!

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Killer T-Shirts That Make A Difference

ATA-Catastrophe_2-ButtonWe love a great company and we love them just a bit more when they are tied to one of our long time celebrity supporters.  We couldn’t ask for a better celeb guest, friend and supporter than Travis Aaron Wade – we aren’t sure but we think he has made it to almost all the Finals and not only does he bring more friends back each year, he makes more friends with our golfers.

Can imagine how excited we were when he told us about his partnership with a T-shirt company that not only makes amazing and fun t-shirts but also does good?  We knew we wanted to find a way to work together and now we are.

Introducing – Arm The Animals – their mission is pretty straight forward: create killer T-Shirts that make a statement, raise awareness and generate funds for small, struggling animal rescues. While they know they can’t save every at-risk animal, they are doing what they CAN to save some! By creating funny, unique, witty graphic T-Shirts and accessories, they help to raise awareness about animal welfare AND make a difference by donating to shelters! Every month THEY partner with different rescues and donate a generous portion of proceeds to reputable shelters – no matter what!

Over the past 2 years they have been able to donate tens-of-thousands of dollars to shelters and other animal welfare organizations like their two current shelter partners Barks of Love and Strangest Angels. Since most of these shelters are smaller in size, this money really does make an impact for them and helps with food, vet bills, etc.

Along with Travis, Arm The Animals consists of regular, down-to-earth people who actually care about the world around them. They are all close friends who grew up with animals, have rescue pets of their own and all agree that the current plight facing innocent discarded animals can not only be helped, but fixed!   They admit that their goals may seem incredibly lofty, but they do believe they can still make a huge impact! With passion, drive and your support, anything is possible. They hope you feel the same way and decide to support them. Together we CAN make a difference… Actually, they already are making a difference.

To learn more about Arm the Animals, read about the shelters they support and most importantly buy some awesome t-shirts go to their website:

Celebrities above: Miss USA 2011 Alyssa Campenella & Tory Coombs, Ben Elliott, Chelsea Heath, Jorge Garcia, Kim McCullough, Niki McElroy

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