Palm Springs to Vegas – My Girls of Golf Story

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small image on blogSuper excited to be tapped to be a new Girls of Golf blogger for the Links & Laces Golf Tour.  Each passing day is just one more day closer to The Links and Laces Golf Finals in Las Vegas NV. It’s been a few months since our Links and Laces Golf tournament in MY hometown of Palm Springs CA. I find myself reminiscing of the past and planning for Vegas.  As a way of introducing myself I thought I would start by sharing my story with you.

My journey, so far, has been nothing less than amazing.  With only a few weeks left before the Finals & every girl dreaming of Being The Links and Laces Girl of Golf, I need to prepare myself for a extravagant weekend and what better way you ask, getting my birdies in & finding lingerie that’s going to keep me top of mind. With 250 girls there I need to standout, make that first impression with the golfers and staff.  With a background in golf, I speak the language & knowing how to let it rip so I am sure to engage the golfers.

Also have to come up with an outfit for the theme party on Saturday Night — Sirens & Sailors? Nothing says hello better than girl who sets off your sirens when she walks through the doors. Oh my oh my what should I wear . . .

Planning for the Finals is all well and good, but let me stop and take a quick trip down memory lane to share with you how I got here. It all started in sunny Palm Springs CA on a beautiful Saturday morning  – no wind in sight, the smell of cut grass, the sun peeking through the clouds & dew on the greens.  I was thinking to myself how lucky I was to be here. I went & registered with the beautiful Giustina. She gave me the lucky #8 along with my Girl of Golf uniform, a lavender skirt paired with a gray & lavender golf sleeves top. Secret, I couldn’t wait to run up to my room and try it on. As I was getting registered I met Maggie, little did I know Maggie was a slice of my favorite pumpkin pie with a dab of whip cream :). We introduced ourselves to one another and a friendship quickly formed. Maggie & I were like Batman & Robin, The Blonde & The Brunette we did everything together. Since Maggie won San Diego’s Girl of Golf she was rallying with me in hopes I would win Palm Springs Girl of Golf.

As the evening approached I wonder what I was going to wear…. Ahhhhh I knew my little red dress it was like the 1, 2 knock out punch. It was classy with a little bit of sassy all in one.  Time to make my grand appearance into the Alice in Wonderland theme that was set up for the party.  As we were preparing to walking down the stairs I admit I was a bit nervous hoping I wouldn’t fall down the stairs, I grabbed hold of Maggie’s hand & we were off down the stairs lights, camera, action.

at bottom1For the tournament, Maggie and I decided we needed to spend as much time with the Golfers as possible so we were excited to be on a Par 3 hole. Maggie & I arrived early to set up our activity and posters. We played good old fashion beer pong with the golfers, it was a hit . . . until the wind decided it wanted to play too.  I had to come up quickly with an idea because we had red solo cups flying everywhere. My knowledge of golf came in handy then, since I knew it was 126 to the pin with the wind blowing to the right, I was able to hand out info, along with beer, making me a golfers delight. Every golfer that came by our hole that day signed my table with my pictures in an 8 on it. I am in the process of framing that and setting it up in my game room. As the day of golf was coming to an end I wondered did I do enough to get votes to win tonight, did I stand out?

Things got off to a shaky start with the Awards Ceremony, the zipper broke on my dress and I in a panic, lucky for me I had brought another dress and even though it wasn’t my first choice I wore.  The dress drama meant that Maggie & I were running late and when we arrived on the 12th floor we found out the party was on the 1st floor.  We arrived just in time, everyone looked fabulous. We checked in & got our numbers. It was time for us to make our final impression; I was in the first group of girl that went on stage. I held my number high & proud hoping everyone would remember and vote for #8.

After about 1/2 an hour Ajay got on the mic and said is everyone ready to hear whom you voted for as your Fantasy Spring Girl of Golf winners.  Much anticipation has been leading up to this moment, did I do enough, did I stand out, and is he going call my number? The first number was called 28, than the next 27, than number 8…. Yes you read that right #8 that was me. My smile went from ear to ear and I beaming like the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center.  We are on stage taking pictures and it seemed my bad luck decided to return for a moment as I fell off the stage, straight the floor.  On a positive note, I landed on my feet & not my butt. I can only imagine my face…. I’m sure someone got a good picture :).  After we were done I ran to Maggie and gave her the biggest hug & said thank you I don’t know if I could have done this without you. I than went around to everyone I met on the golf course that day and thanked them with a hug. Despite the wind, the red solo cups everywhere, my dress malfunctioning, & me falling of stage I still managed to keep it all together and become one of your Palm Springs Links and Laces Tour Girls of Golf Palm.

I have kept in contact with Maggie through out the months and am excited to see her in Vegas.  We will be rooming together again so keep an eye out for this dynamic duo.

I am looking forward to the Finals & all the new Golfers I am going to meet… Have you signed up? One way to see me in person & that’s at the Finals…

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