Girls of Golf Program

Welcome to the Girls of Golf Program

Dear Potential Contestant:

Thank you for your interest in the Girls of Golf Program. The Girls of Golf Program is one the best social and business networking opportunities for women.  You do not have to be a golfer or a model to participate. You just need to be fun, social, attractive, in shape, like parties and enjoy the outdoors!  We have a Girls of Golf Contest at each event where our golfers, staff and celebrity guests select the girls that would best represent your city at our Championship/Finals.  A minimum of two winners from each city will be selected to win prizes including a trip to help host our Golf Championship/Finals held in various Resort cities. The overall National Winner selected will receive multiple benefits including the opportunity to be the Brand Ambassador for the Tour and attend each Tour event throughout the United States.

Contestants have a unique opportunity to win cash prizes, gifts, have their photos and resumes submitted directly to the decision makers at various publications (online and print) for photo shoots (this is not required but is an additional benefit if desired), have the opportunity to appear in our calendars, have the opportunity to appear on TV shows/movies and have the opportunity for other promotional appearances.  Many of our past Girls of Golf have appeared on reality TV shows, movies, magazines and have become representatives/spokepersons for numerous companies.

This is a non-paid promotional opportunity and our Girls of Golf (GOG) take advantage of networking with business leaders in their communities.  We are very proud to state that over 10,000 women have participated in our Girls of Golf Program over the past 12 years and we have a very loyal following.  So many friendships are formed between our Girls of Golf, golfers and many of the celebrities that have attended.  Our GOGs travel all around the USA, Canada and the world to see each other and would be more than happy to fill you in on their experiences!!!

General Information:

PARTICIPATION AS A GIRLS OF GOLF IS BY INVITATION ONLY and you will be notified if you are accepted to participate. Applicant/Participant/Contestant acknowledges that this is a non-paying promotional opportunity.

In many of our regional cities, Potential Contestants will have an opportunity to attend Girls of Golf Searches & Casting Calls at local venues.  Girls of Golf Staff Coordinators will be on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding The Girls of Golf Program and discover what a great opportunity the Girls of Golf promotion is.   Photos will also be taken at the Casting Call/Search (non-nude) for evaluation.  GOG Coordinators will remind you that you should (if you have not done so already).  You are encouraged to bring your girlfriends to the event.  Candidates who attend the Searches/Casting Calls and meet our Girls of Golf Coordinators have priority to become one of The Girls of Golf.

There are several components to the Girls of Golf Contest.

  1. Girls of Golf Searches & Casting Calls – opportunity to meet GOG Coordinators and receive more information about the GOG Program;
  2. The Golf Party – opportunity to showcase your personality and style at a popular nightspot venue (nightclub/lounge/sports bar/restaurant) and the opportunity to meet with the Golfers, Celebrities and  Golf Staff – collectively, The Judges in the Girls of Golf Contest;
  3. The Golf Tournament (Scramble) – opportunity to showcase your hosting capabilities on the golf course in a fun environment, the opportunity for you to showcase your creativity for fun games on the golf course and the opportunity to meet with the Golfers,Celebrities and Golf Staff – collectively, The Judges in the Girls of Golf Contest; and
  4. The Golf Awards Party – opportunity to showcase your elegance and style in evening attire and socialize with the Golfers and Celebrities prior to the voting.

GOG Online Registration:

All potential Contestants must register online.  Each event requires a separate registration.  Online registration information submitted must be factual and photos/videos submitted must represent the contestant accurately.  All photos and videos submitted should be recent and taken within two (2) months of the registration submitted. Any potential contestant that falsely represents themselves through the registration process, and at anytime during the event, will be disqualified.

To start the online registration process, read all the rules thoroughly. After you have read and understood the rules pertaining to the Girls of Golf Contest, click Girls (GOG) register now button at the side bar on this webpage. Please fill out all the form fields, acknowledge that you have read, understood and will comply with the Girls of Golf Rules (check all acknowledgement boxes), upload photos that you feel best represents you (nude or non-nude (lingerie/bikini) for this entry) and submit the Girls of Golf Registration Form. We will contact you once your registration form has been received.  We will require additional an additional video and photos (they do not have to be professional but should be clear and represent you – head shot, full body shot, side shot, rear shot – nude and non-nude). Once you are at our event, we will take additional event photos (non-nude) and these photos may appear on the the Golf web site. As mentioned above, once you have been selected to be part of the Girls of Golf program in your city, you will have the opportunity to have your photos (nude and/or non-nude) submitted to many upscale publications.

We look forward to seeing you at this season’s hottest event!  If you have any questions or need additional information, please email us at  Click Here (GOG RULES) to proceed to the Rules.

Good luck! The Girls of Golf Staff