Girls of Golf Contest Rules

General Rules:

  1. All prospective contestants must register/apply online.
  2. Once the registration/application is received, our Girls of Golf Coordinators will email prospective contestants additional information regarding the opportunity to become one of the Girls of Golf  There are several steps involved and once we receive your registration form, we will start the process.
  3. If you are notified to attend the required events, you must confirm that you will attend the events. Mandatory attendance events are the VIP Party, the Golf Tournament and the Golf Awards (exceptions are granted on case by case basis for the Party only).  You must appear at the golf course.  Dates of mandatory events in your regional city are always posted on our website.  If you cannot make the events, please do not apply.  If you do not confirm your participation with us, you will be removed from the accepted list.  This will allow for other girls to have the opportunity.
  4. Your Regional Girls of Golf Coordinator will be in touch with you to provide you all the detailed information for the Regional Events.
  5. Depending on the size of the Event, we accept, on average, between 20-40 Girls of Golf contestants at each event.
  6. You will only be considered one of The Girls of Golf once you have attended and participated in one of regional events.
  7. Depending on the size of the Golf Event, we award two (2) – four (4) Girls of Golf Winners at each event.
  8. Contestants will receive detailed information regarding times, attire, venue location/directions, etc. for theVIP Party from the GOG Regional Coordinator.
  9. Contestants will receive detailed information regarding times, golf course location/directions, etc. for the Golf Tournament from the GOG Regional Coordinator.
  10. Contestants will receive a Girls of Golf Gift bag, a Girls ofGolf credential and additional information regarding additional opportunities.
  11. Contestants shall be provided the “Official Girls of Golf Outfit”.  The outfit only comes in the following sizes only:
  • Extra Small – Size 0-4
  • Small – Size 4-6
  • Medium – Size 6 – 8
  • The outfit must be worn as detailed by the GOG Coordinator.  No alterations are allowed. The uniform shall be worn throughout the Golf Tournament.

On the Golf Course:

  1. Contestant is required to wear appropriate footwear on the golf course which can be golf white sneakers or golf shoes. Contestant should bring additional clothing in case of inclement weather.
  2. No jeans or jean like material on the golf course.
  3. For the awards party, contestants are required to bring an elegant dress/outfit to wear. Changing facilities are provided at the golf course.
  4. There is no inappropriate behavior allowed and all rules and etiquette of the golf course shall be enforced.  No nudity allowed. The GOG Coordinator and/or Tournament Director has sole discretion to disqualify a contestant if she/he feels your behavior is inappropriate or any contestant has violated the terms and conditions of this registration, contest rules and etiquette of the golf course.
  5. Smoking should be limited and any State or local rule shall apply when it comes to smoking.
  6. Contestants will be introduced in a group prior to the start of the tournament to all players, VIP’s and sponsor participants.
  7. Contestants will then be stationed at individual golf course holes throughout the golf course where they will have a chance to meet the tournament players throughout the day. Each Golfer and Celebrity Host/Hostess will cast a vote for their top two contestants, evaluating each of four (4) categories (Personality, Beauty, Poise & Attire).
  8. Our Staff or designated agent will collect all votes and compile the total counts.
  9. All contestants may be featured within website. Contestants who have not registered online and agreed the rules, terms and conditions are not eligible to participate.
  10. Contestant participation within this contest and/or the Golf Tournament is at the sole discretion of our Staff, who may at any time, expel a contestant if they are deemed to negatively reflect upon the events.
  11. No guests allowed unless approved by Golf Headquarters.


  1. Each winning contestant receives one prize to be used by the winning contestant.  Prize is not transferable.
  2. Contestant must participate in all events at the Championships (Hotel hosted parties, golf tournament and Parties).
  3. Contestant must have proof of age (21) at the time of the April/May to be allowed at the Championship Parties and host hotel parties.
  4. The Winners at each regional event receive a prize which consists of:
    • Cash Prize
    • Transportation to the Championship Finals;
    • Lodging for four (3 or 4) nights (with other Girls of Golf Winners or your girlfriends*)
    • The opportunity to host the Championship Finals event;
    • The opportunity to attend all the parties at the Championship Finals Event;
    • The opportunity for additional photo shoots;
    • Girls of Golf gift bag
    • * The opportunity to have up to three girlfriends apply and attend the Championship Finals with you. (All girlfriends must apply and be approved and are responsible for their own transportation to finals destination and may have to pay a small fee to participate – additional information regarding this opportunity will be provided to the GOG Regional Winners).

Model Release and Hold Harmless

In consideration of my participation as a contestant in the Contest, I hereby grant in perpetuity to VARSA, LLC the use of my photograph, likeness, voice recording, signature and name for all publicity and commercial purposes in connection with the Golf Events.  Should I be selected as a contest winner, I understand that I must attend and help host the National Championship Finals in order to be entitled to any and all of my prizes, including airline tickets, hotel accommodations, and VIP party passes.  Should I be unreachable sixty days (60) prior to the scheduled trip, I will immediately forfeit my opportunity to go on the trip and receive any other prizes. And, if I should choose not to attend the trip, for any reason whatsoever, all prizes will be forfeited.   I understand that I will be immediately disqualified from the contest or trip should I become involved in any violation of any law in any State or any other jurisdiction.  Contestant must be 21 years old to attend the Championship finals events.

I do also release VARSA, LLC, Sponsor Partners and the participating golf course, their agents, employees, and/or representatives, from any and all liability including negligence before, during or after the Contest, and any and all liability associated with my activities and participation in this Contest. In the event of any dispute the parties agree that venue shall be in Las Vegas, Nevada. I waive the right to challenge venue or to seek the removal of any proceedings to another venue for any reason whatsoever.  Participation in the “Girls of Golf” contest does not imply in any shape, form or manner, any benefit by contestant except for the prize of a trip to the Championship Finals, the opportunity to host the Championship Finals and access to the Parties at the Championship Finals (Travel and accommodations to be paid for by Event or Event’s agents). I acknowledge that I have read the rules and requirements above and understand the requirements for eligibility.

For further questions, email:  Thank you.