GOG Winners – Submittal Instructions for Winner’s Girlfriends


Girls of Golf – Girlfriend Submission for Regional Winners

Links & Laces Finals Weekend
May 14-18, 2014

Below are all the details for submitting friends to join you at the 2014 Links & Laces Finals.  Regional winner’s girlfriends are being given the first opportunity to be a part of the Finals Weekend but you must submit the request and the appropriate information, videos and/or photos by February 10th.  There is limited room this year.


  1. ONLY YOU CAN SUBMIT YOUR FRIENDS FOR APPROVAL! A friend cannot submit photos without it coming from you so we can verify that it is a legitimate submission from you. Your friend can submit a video from her mobile phone, etc. but you must let us know that she is submitting a video and she must submit the proper information.
  2. For each friend submission you need to email a video or pictures of your friend to gogadmin@llgolftour.com. DO NOT SEND to any other email address. When sending the email please type the following:
    2. Send each friend’s submittal in a separate email.
  3. If submitting a Video:
    1. Email one current video (well lit) from cell phone or camera showing your friend from the front and back.  She should be in a bikini, lingerie or nude – this is the best way to ensure quick approval.
  4. If submitting Photos: (Attach at least six photos  and follow the requirements below):
    1. The pictures do not have to be professional but must be high quality pictures of just a single girl in it (ABSOLUTELY NO ONE ELSE IN THE PHOTO), and must be clear and RECENT PHOTOS. Send a head shot and at least FIVE BODY SHOTS INCLUDING FRONT AND BACK SIDE (full body shots are most important for approval). Photos must have bright lighting and DO NOT send any artistic or black & white photos.
    2. FULL BODY SHOTS MUST BE (BIKINI, LINGERIE or NUDES – NO EXCEPTIONS). The reason for this is a few winners in the past have tried to sneak in friends that didn’t match their pictures or were not attractive. We hear the complaints from other girls and guests. Please make sure you have rights to send us the photos. Photos will only be used for evaluation and selection of girls for the event and to verify that you are the person who registered for the event.
  5. Please make sure the girl is very attractive and personable. They must be very attractive (otherwise do not submit) because this is what we will base their initial approval on. If they are approved to attend and appear at the event, and don’t match what was submitted, we will be required to deny attendance and participation in the events! This is a high profile event with lots of press, cameras, celebrities, Athletes, etc., so please understand that the image we present is very important to all involved.
  6. If your friend is approved, you will get a confirmation notice and we will give you an approval code number for each friend. Your friend will go to http://www.llgolftour.com/register/ and select the first event listed: (2014 FINALS – Fantasy Springs Casino). This is to avoid uninvited/unapproved girls from registering and attending. Your friend will enter the code in the box marked “Code (if applicable)”.
  7. As part of your Winners Package, there is NO FEE for a Regional Winners Girlfriend (Golfers/Party Guests pay $1100-$2000) for each girl you bring (additional fees will apply if you want your own room to share).
  8. Once we book your airfare, you will be notified so your friends can book their own ticket on the same flight. Your friend must book her own ticket. The LL Golf Tour will arrange for winners flights only. Our travel agent can assist your friends with their booking if they want to book through her.  Once we confirm your flight, we will give you our travel agent’s name and number so your friend can be on the same flight if needed.  If your friend books her flight early, we will try to get you on the same flight if the fare is reasonable.

PLEASE EMAIL VIDEO or ALL PICTURES to gogadmin@llgolftour.com. – They will be automatically forwarded to the STAFF of Links & Laces for approval.