Girls of Golf Registration

Welcome to the Online Registration Page of the Links & Laces Girls of Golf!  If you plan to register for an event, please make sure you fill out all the required information.  99% of error messages occurs from uploading the wrong type of photos.  JPEG photos between 100kb to 1 mb work best. MAKE SURE YOU SELECT THE EVENT YOU WANT TO REGISTER FOR!!!

Please make sure you have read about the Girls of Golf Program and all the rules pertaining to the Girls of Golf Program.

Girls of Golf Registration – Current

To register and apply as a Girls of Golf, please fill in all the information below entirely. The Measurement information is for outfit sizing. We only have xs (0-4), small (4-6), medium (6-8) sized outfits. Please – Only apply if these sizes fit you. Any field with an asterisk is mandatory.

  • Click the arrow and select the Event you would like to register and apply for:

  • (Must have proof of age 21 at the time of the Finals and comply with all local state/province laws)
  • Select birthdate from calendar or type your date of birth. Format is mm/dd/yyyy.

  • Enter Height in feet and inches
    (ex. 5′-6″ = 5 feet, 6 inches)
  • Enter weight in pounds (ex. 125 lbs)
  • Enter in Inches & A, B, C, D, DD, etc. (ex. 34C)
  • Enter in Inches (ex. 25 inches)
  • Enter in Inches (ex. 36 inches)
  • Submit a Full Body Photo – (either bikini, lingerie or natural photos are acceptable) and must be a current, clear photo. Picture must be of you only and no one else in photo. Photo size should be between 100kb to 1mb. Color only (jpg, png, jpeg, gif, pdf). Do not send artistic photos. We cannot confirm registration without photo submittal. If photo is difficult to see, we will let you know.
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, jpeg, gif, pdf, bmp, tiff, eps.

  • Submit a clear head shot of you. Color only.
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, tiff, bmp, eps.