Goldfish Racing and Golf!

Golf Tour November 5, 2012 Comments Off on Goldfish Racing and Golf!

Hi again golfers and girls, I wanted to pop on and update you on our Links & Laces golfing adventures! Most recently we teed off in sunny San Diego and were joined by Irishmen, Scotsmen, New Yorkers, and even a team from my neck of the woods, Oklahoma! We had the pleasure of staying and golfing at the beautiful Rancho Bernardo Inn, I can easily say that it was one of  the most amazing tournament for me thus far.

If the weather in San Diego wasn’t enough to keep you there the people and food surely would! However, I especially appreciated the weather since I had to come back home to Missouri’s wonderful 50 degree highs! One of our awesome sponsors (Corporate Helicopters) was even great enough to let Ajay and Hope (our 2010 Playmate of the year hostess!) make their grand entrance via copter and take serious advantage of sunny skies! The perfect weather also made it a great opportunity for the girls to really bring it with their hole activities.

One of the girls of golf (and winners of the day), Maggie, brought goldfish racing to the course! The object was pretty simple, just get your goldfish to the end of your water raceway first! My poor goldfish seemed to have some sort of a nervous breakdown and insisted on swimming into the corner so Hope’s goldfish easily took home first place! Other activities included trivia, food, and classics like twister and hula hoops!

It was also really great to see so many familiar golfers faces from the Finals! It seemed like a lot of the groups were already beginning to make plans for our grand event in Las Vegas… have you?! Now is the perfect time to start thinking about getting your group together.  Girls or Golfers – feel free to tweet or email me with any questions: @amberhecht or I already can’t wait for our next stop on the tour calendar… Palms Springs, CA! Very excited to head back out this way and until then, you stay classy San Diego!


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