Format and Rules

USA & Canada


  • Each team will consist of three (3) or four (4) amateur golfers over the age of twenty-one (21).
  • Only teams with verifiable handicaps will be entered into both the net & gross divisions, but will only be permitted to win in that division in which they place the highest. You must have at least three players with a handicap to formulate a team handicap.
  • All handicaps will be verified at the golf course. Players must provide updated documentation such as a GHIN card, letter from a PRO or recognized league handicap. All handicaps are subject to review by the Tournament Director.
  • All amateur teams are entered into the Gross division.
  • Professional Players may play but are not eligible (and make their team not eligible) to compete in either the gross or net divisions.
  • Violation of eligibility rules, whether discovered prior to, during or post event will cause the violating team to be disqualified from the tournament competition and prevent that team from advancing.

The format and rules presented below are for guidance and that all rule decisions are made at the local events by the Tournament Director.

General Rules:

  • All Golf decisions under the direction of The Tournament Director are final.
  • The course Pro and the Tournament Director shall determine which tees players will tee off from.
  • For four (4) player teams, each team must use at least two (2) drives from each player.
  • Teams consisting of three (3) players will be permitted to make up the 4th shot. But you cannot hit 2 shots in a row and you must rotate the 4th shot equally with each player.
  • Team consisting of three (3) players, must use four (4) drives from each player.
  • Teams will be allowed to move the ball one club length from the spot that the team is hitting from, but may not move it closer to the hole from a hazard or from the ruff to the fairway.
  • In order to avoid scoring conflicts, we will provide marshals on the course to verify scores. Please allow then to sign your score cards
  • To ensure speed of play:
  • There will be no bogeys on all par 4’s and par 5’s. When your team misses your birdie opportunity, please pick-up and record a par. On the par 3’s, when your team misses a par opportunity, please pick-up and record a bogey.

Net division handicap formula:

  • Each team may have no more than a total two players with handicaps under ten (10) and no more than one player with a handicap of five (5) or under.
  • Eighteen (18) will be the maximum allowable handicap in the scoring formula. EX: A player with a 32 handicap must play down to an18 handicap.
  • All handicaps will be verified as described in the format section above. If you do not have a verifiable handicap, you will be given a zero handicap.
  • Scoring Formula: Add up each team members handicap and then divide them by twelve (12). That number becomes your team handicap. You must have at least three (3) players with verified handicaps to formulate a team handicap.
  • If a team consists of only three (3) players, add up the handicaps and divide by nine (9). You do not get to rotate the 4th shot.

Gross division will not be handicapped:

  • Every eligible team is entered in the Gross division.
  • There is no restriction on handicaps in the Gross division.
  • Professionals are not permitted to compete in the event (they can play for fun or to entertain clients). If you are not eligible to compete in your local USGA Amateur event, you are considered a professional.

Rules will be governed by the local course rules and the Tournament Director. Final rules for the event will be provided the day of the tournament.

For questions on rules, please email


All players tee off, the team selects the best ball and all other players pick up their ball and play from the selected spot. This continues for all shots until the ball is in the hole. The player with the lowest handicap becomes the captain of their team.

Tee Shots:

Minimum 2 tee shots required per person / per foursome and 4 tee shots per person / per threesome. Please initial on the scorecard the player whose tee shot was chosen.

On the Fairway:

The position of the selected ball is MARKED. All players then PLACE their ball within one club length of the marked position, no nearer to the hole. Any order of play.

In the Rough:

The position of the selected ball is MARKED. All players then DROP their ball within one club length of the marked position, no nearer to the hole. The drop must be in the SAME CONDITIONS as the selected ball (i.e. – Fairway, Hazard, Bunker or Rough). Any order of play.

On the Putting Green:

The selected ball is MARKED. Other balls to be putted from within ONE PUTTER HEAD LENGTH either side of the selected ball, no nearer to the hole. Do not make TAP IN putts until all players have had the opportunity to attempt the team’s original putt. Once the ball is HOLED OUT, no further strokes are permitted.


Record 1 score per hole. Add up your score after the round and sign the scorecard before handing in your card to the tour director. Failure to hand in your scorecard in a timely matter will result in DQ (disqualification).

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