The Generosity of our Links & Laces Golfers

Golf Tour March 23, 2013 Comments Off on The Generosity of our Links & Laces Golfers

One of the goals of the Links & Laces Golf Tour  is to try to help out worthy causes in our local event cities that do amazing work and are not always in the public eye.  During our Costa Rica event, two of our players Pete Bellon and Mike Osborne (both won a catamaran cruise with our lovely Girls of Golf) decided to give their spot up and put up their seats for a live auction to benefit The Healing Hands Foundation in Costa Rica.   Lisa Garrett, pictured in the picture above with Pete, Amy and Crystal brought the mission of The Helping Hands Foundation to all the attendees and her passion for this worthy cause is exemplary.  Here is just a little information on the Charity and please take a look at their website – (

MissionStatementPhotoThe mission of The Healing Hands Foundation is to sustainably provide high quality surgical procedures, medical treatment, dental care, and educational support in under resourced areas worldwide. We establish strong in-country partnerships to involve local communities in our activities: treating patients, improving health care infrastructure, and providing needed medical training to surgeons, doctors, and community health care workers. Going beyond providing direct patient care, we aim to create a long-term impact, empowering impoverished countries to improve the health and quality of life of their own people.

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