Celebrities Attire at the Links & Laces Tour Finals

Golf Tour March 27, 2013 Comments Off on Celebrities Attire at the Links & Laces Tour Finals

Celebrities and NFL players style it out at the Tour Finals.  You know they are competing for the best dressed golfer (or worst dressed).  What will you wear to the Links & Laces Golf Tour Finals???

Rate the following celebrities outfits from:
10 (best-You would wear it) to 0 (worst-Gary Busey might wear it)

Celebrities Names are listed at the bottom.

1st Row: Comedian/Actor Patrick Warburton, Arizona Cardinals Calais Campbell, Bruce Jenner
2nd Row: Buffalo Bills Kirk Morrison, Comedian Heather McDonald, Chris Judd & Willie Gault
3rd Row: Hall of Famers Eric Dickerson & Marcus Allen (opposite matching), Cleveland Browns Josh Cribbs and Ashley Dupree, Comedian Josh Wolfe
4th Row: New Orleans Saints Remi Ayodele, Houston Texans Owen Daniels, Blindside’s Quinton Aaron
5th Row: Remi Ayodele again (he deserves two for creativity), Houston Texans Shayne Graham, Moneyball’s Stephen Bishop
6th Row: San Diego Chargers Takeo Spikes, Actor Travis Wade, Scarface’s Stephen Bauer (don’t quite get this outfit)
7th Row: Best effort: Philadelphia 76ers Andrew Bynum for just trying to find a golf outfit that fits his 7 + foot frame!




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